Welcome to my web site.


Lapsoft Jan, 2018

Welcome to my website. I am a computer support/software developer.
My current free software programs are:

  • DeletePicsOnSDCard
  • RestoreMyComputer
  • WindowsBackupWatch
  • WindowsBackupWatch
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    Dee Why

    DeletePicsOnSDCard DeletePicsOnSDCard                            Download DeletePicsOnSDCard...

    Windows application, Jan , 2018

    Deletes pictures in the DCIM folder of an SD card after first copying them to a prescribed folder on your computer (e.g.. Pictures) freeing the card to be used again.

    • Optionally delete the local copy of pictures after a number of months.
    • Display thumbnails of the pictures before deletion. Click on the picture to open in windows default viewer.
    • Show errors encountered in the deletion process.
    • Undo button to reverse the deletion.

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    Snow Gums

    RestoreMyComputer RestoreMyComputer                            Download RestoreMyComputer...

    Windows application, Sep , 2015

    Restores Windows computers to a previous date. Easier to use than Control Panel.

    • Full list of available Restore Points.
    • No need to use Control Panel. No special knowledge required.
    • Go back to the original date if necessary.
    • Restore computer struck by virus.
    • Does not affect Documents folder.

    Club Lake Creek

    WindowsBackupWatch WindowsBackupWatch Icon                            Download WindowsBackupWatch...

    Windows application, Apr, 2021

    Windows Backup Watch - watches your Windows Backup (if setup) for ISO (full computer) and File (for documents and pictures) and shows a pie chart of remaining space at the backup location alerting the user when only 10% or less free space is available.

    • Finds Windows Backup in TaskScheduler.
    • Checks days to last backup and whether backup was successfull.
    • Displays result of backup with icons.
    • Displays the days since the last successfull backup.
    • Shows a pie chart showing % remaining free bytes and flashes if lower than 10%.
    • Option to start WindowsBackupWatch on computer restart.
    • Telltale (I am alive) blinking icon.


    Club Lake Creek

    Internet Availability InternetAvailability

        Download Internet Availability... Windows Form Application Download Lapsoft Internet Availability Servicex... Lapsoft Internet Availability service App (Required).
    Windows application, Apr , 2021

    Internet Availability - monitors your Windows computer for internet availability.

    • Shows (graphically) internet outages from your computer for the last 24 hours.
    • Summarizes the total outage time for the monitoring period.
    • Requires Windows Service - 'Lapsoft Internet Availability'.  download above.
      The service runs continuously keeping q record of internet outages.



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